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  • If you have teenagers who will not be lodging with you please list their first names separated by commas. Please include them in your counts on this form. They do not need to register separately.
  • Childern must be at least 14 years of age to stay in lodging without a parent.
  • Please let us know how many in each age group will be attending from your group:
For those who have children in the nursery (Ages 1 to 4) you are expected to volunteer to help out in the nursery for at least one session. Signup sheets will be available at check in.

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    Important! Please read:
    Please choose your lodging preference. We will try to accommodate your preference, but we do not guarantee it. We give priority to those staying all 3 nights and to groups that will fill the room as well as elderly and people with limitations. There is limited space so we may ask some people to share a room if necessary. It is NOT first come first serve. You will be contacted if we are unable to accommodate your preference.

    The main lodge will be unavailable this year. There are still many other air conditioned rooms available.

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  • Please let us know how many from your group will be eating at each meal. Ages 3-11 are considered children for meals. DO NOT include children ages 2 and under in the meal count.

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  • Friday Supper:

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